A Greater Mass

Positive actions for a better World

Positive action can begin at home, right now.  You only have to make the decision to act.  But where do you start?  How do we become a force for good in a complicated world?

A Greater Mass aims to simplify this problem.

Each week an action is issued to every person involved in the movement.  The actions range from giving up plastic bottles, to sending a letter to a Prisoner of Conscience.  Positive actions for a better world.  A Greater Mass is a year-long handbook that will inflame huge social and environmental change.

The actions contain simple steps that are easily completed and may seem small, but collectively they have a huge mass effect.  Many people taking small actions results in one large action.  The greater the mass, the greater the impact.

And as our mass grows, so too will our gravity; pulling more and more individuals to the cause.

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Mass and Gravity : A Collaborative Force for Change

Mass and gravity are delicately interlinked.

Out in Space, minuscule particles of dust exert gravity on smaller molecules in the vicinity.  As these particles join together, their collective power grows, attracting more matter from further afield.  Soon huge volumes of elements aggregate together, and their collective energy has the power to incite nuclear fusion; the same force majeure that creates the life-giving energy of our own Sun.

How does gravity obtain this level of power?  By having a greater mass.

If dust out in the aether has the collaborative force to give birth to stars, imagine the soaring limits of our own human capacity.  Our unified power is unending.

Join the collective, become part of A Greater Mass.

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A Greater Mass is a non-profit project.  We will never share your details.
We only ask for your commitment to a more equal and more environmentally conscious world.